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Velvet finish carpets are not dissimilar from twist pile carpets. They are both manufactured in the same way but the inidividual tufts are not twisted, rather, they come up straight from the base ofthe carpet. As a result a very clean, smooth and luxurious finish is achieved on the surface of the carpet. Most velvet carpets are an 80/20 mix of natural wool and manmade fibres, usually either polypropylene or nylon.

Velvet Pile
This carpet describes exactly how it feels. The Velvet pile has a very smooth, silky feel with an elegant cut pile finish. This is ideal for bedrooms in need of that luxurious and cosy feel. However, velvet pile is comparatively expensive in relation to some other types of carpet due to the high grade material which goes into the manufacturing process.

One of our key velvet carpet suppliers are [Ulster Carpets]

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